7th Gen Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can a single fibre optic line accommodate multiple computers?

    Yes. A wireless router is required for connecting multiple Computers. The customer is responsible for purchasing a wireless router to accommodate the number of computers in the household

  • 2. My router asks me to connect to a modem, is a modem required for the hook-up?

    The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is the actual modem and is supplied by 7th GEN Technologies. This device is installed on the outside of a customers house. To connect a router to you ONT you simply need to connect the router to the small modular Ethernet installed on the inside of the house located around the Battery Backup.

  • 3. Do the 7th GEN Technicians assist customers with the actual hook-up of their computers or troubleshoot the computer and equipment ie: router for WiFi

    The technicians’ specific duties are to supply the fibre optic lines to the individual homes, up to the Ethernet connection that brings services in to the home. Everything beyond the 7th Gen Ethernet port is the responsibility of the homeowner. The technicians may, on occasion, help with initial connections only.

  • 4. How is the distance determined for installation? What if there is bore under a road involved?

    The installation distance is the distance from the green pedestal to the connection point on your house. If a bore is required, the actual cost of the bore is covered.

  • 5. When can I expect my first bill for Internet services?

    Billing is done at the end of the billing period. The first month, your Internet costs would be pro-rated, if applicable from the date that you were connected. The invoice for Internet services is processed during the first week of the next month and the customer has until the last Friday of the month to remit payment. Any payments received after the due date may not be reflected on the next invoice.

  • 6. Who do I contact if there is a problem with the Internet service or if I don’t have any service at all?

    7th GEN Technologies has a 24 hour emergency line available (613-827-4817)

  • 7. Based on my personal or family Internet use, is there a process that needs to be followed to have either my package upgraded/downgraded to an alternate package that better suits my/our need(s)?

    Contact the 7th GEN Office Administrator to make any changes required for the next billing period.


  • If you loose your connection to the Internet please follow these steps before contacting our 24 hour support line at (613) 827-4817:

    1. If your connecting via WIFI verify that your wireless router has its wireless signal turned on and your computer is connected to your network.

    2. Verify that your router is connected through Ethernet to the modular jack located by the 7th Gen battery backup.

    3. Ensure that the battery backup is on and the lights are green.

    4. Open a browser and try to connect to a website (ie Google.ca)

    5. Unplug the power from your router for 30 seconds. Wait 2 minutes after reconnecting the power and check your connection again.